COVID Test Review: Lucira Check-It At Home Molecular Test

COVID Test Review: Lucira Check-It At Home Molecular Test

February 9, 2022  

Many advancements have been made in the at-home COVID testing space. The original At Home COVID Tests that were launched at the beginning of the pandemic were simply self-collection kits that required users to mail the sample into a lab and wait several days for results. Fast forward to today, and we have the Lucira Check It At Home Test.

What makes the Lucira Check-It so special?

The Lucira Check-It COVID Test is pitched as having near-PCR levels of sensitivity, without requiring a sample being processed at a lab. The lab is in the device! This makes the Lucira Check-It an extremely trust-worthy at-home test to use when sensitivity is important.

What are the downsides to the Lucira Check-It

The primary downside of this test is that it’s much more expensive than most other at home COVID testing options. For example, a single Lucira Check-It test from Amazon is $89 at the time of my writing on February 9th, 2022. This compares to the Abbot Binax test, which costs just $20 for 2 tests! That’s an 89% price difference per test!

Is the Lucira Check-It test compatible for Travel

The Lucira test may be compatible for some Travel requirements. You should definitely check with your airline or destination to confirm!

Is the Lucira Check-It test easy to use?

Yes! I got two units for my parents and they were both surprised at how simple testing was. Antigen tests seemed to be much more complicated, with the special liquids and mixing procedures that antigen tests required. Plus, the app has visual instructions that are easy to follow along with.

What is the LuciPass?

The LuciPass is Lucira’s travel clearance app that allows you to share your test results in a trustworthy and secure way. This can help you get into venues that require negative tests. It’s easy to use and compatible with both iOS and Android.

Why is the Lucira test a Molecular Test? What does that mean?

Molecular tests are more sensitive at detecting the presence of the COVID virus. Therefore it can detect COVID infections much sooner than the competing antigen test, which may only be able to detect infection in an actively symptomatic patient.

Should I get a Lucira test or an Antigen test?

Ultimately, my recommendation is that you get a PCR test at a COVID testing facility and supplement this with an antigen test at home. A PCR test at a COVID testing facility is usually free with insurance or through government subsidies. This is obviously a much better deal than the $90 from for a Lucira device. The $10-$20 antigen test can help identify COVID if you’re at the state of experiencing symptoms

Does the Lucira test produce False Positives?

No, the Lucira test is unlikely to produce false positive results. The Lucira is extremely sensitive at detecting COVID, so it may detect COVID even if someone is not experiencing symptoms.

Next Steps

As mentioned, the cheaper option is also the better option: we advise that you get a free PCR COVID test from a local COVID testing center near you. The PCR test is slightly more accurate than this device, meets most travel requirements, and is increasingly easy to get. If convenience is key and sensitivity isn't as important, an affordable antigen test is a good alternative or supplement to the PCR test.